Companies Under the Expedia Umbrella

The online industry is full of some big brand names, but there are actually not as many independent companies as there used to be. In fact, you will be surprised to find out just how many of your favourite online brands are actually owned by others. Big companies like Google, Amazon and even Rakuten are now more frequently gobbling up smaller companies, for a number of reasons, and although may maintain their independent identities, they are all owned by one larger brand.
So, why would a company feel the urge to buy others, especially if they are not in a related industry? One of the main reasons for this merge is if a company wants to strengthen its place on the market. To do this, it ultimately has to remove the competition, which can be achieved by buying the competition!
Another reason for this ownership is if a company wants to branch out and try something a little different from its core business. Although it may be able to do this internally, other option would be to acquire an already established player in the field. This will make life so much easier for the company, as it is essentially a shortcut into a brand new market, plus it has the added benefit of eliminating a current competitor.
You may be wondering then why these larger companies keep the smaller brands’ names. Why not just merge into just one giant company? Well, these labels can help to differentiate products. For example, one company may have different brand names for its more budget lines, its mainstream lines, and then its premium lines.
Expedia, for example, is a travel booking website, and although it is part of a group, most people know Expedia.com. Customers can use the website to book airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations and cruises, vacation packages, Expedia discounts on holidays, and much more. Expedia makes it easy to find the holiday that is right for you. In addition to its main service, it is also the owner of many other brands, most of which are also travel related.
Many people who use the well known hotel comparison websites like Hotels.com and Trivago, don’t know they are actually using brands owned by Expedia. Other companies it owns are Car rentals, Wotif Group, Hotwire, Orbitz, Egencia, HomeAway, and many others. Collectively, these companies make up the Expedia group.
Although the company has been pretty transparent in most of these investments, especially its acquisitions of larger companies, there has not been too much visibility when it comes to some of its smaller investment activities. The company has recently revealed that it has more than 250 subsidiaries.
This shared ownership may make customers wonder if there is actually a difference regarding booking hotels or holidays through one website or another. Usually, hotel prices, for example, vary more depending on the day you are travelling, rather than what website you are using to make the booking. Sometimes you may see a large price difference from one site to another, and this may be because a site may have worked a deal with a hotel chain, therefore it is still worth shopping around.
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