Enjoy Ntel Free Browsing Cheat 2018 With No Special Settings

Hello everyone,how has it been going over there,i know its been a while since i post and i definately know that you have missed your saaltechs blog ,anyway its hightime we are back to the good work we have been doing in this blog for years  so i repeat Saaltechs is Back.so lets get this one as sharp as possible.

So guys go get your Ntel sim its time to enjoy this Ntel unlimited browsing cheat 2018 for the next 24hrs,its confirmed by one of our guys in saaltechs team and you too can enjoy their unbeatable 4g speed for free using this information to whomsoever it may concern.

This is not a cheat rather a server downtime with Ntel,they sent a message to subscribers saying they will rectify the problems their network is having but to my friends own suprise it has been browsing for days now and they have been enjoying the wrath of ntel 4g network all for free.
This is how it goes,just get your Modem/Router/Smartphone and insert your Ntel sim with default settings,no any special Apn or any sort of tweaking required,just insert your Ntel sim into any browsing device and start rocking like never before.

So buddies what are you still waiting for,go get your sim and start rocking Ntel like never before who knows it might be blocked any minute from now,drop your testimonies so others can know your experience with it so far.

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