The next generation of altcoins worth diving into, introducing the Jar ETF...some  coins worth knowing about and buying. 

Jar ETF will use two coins: JAR and JTF. The two coins have completely different usages and almost nothing in common. The tokens are following the ERC 20 standard  and will be tradable on exchanges. JAR coin will be available for purchase during Pre-ICO and ICO directly on Jar ETF website while JTF coin once Jar ETF platform will be available.

What Makes Them different 

JAR coin will represent 0.0001% of the profit Jar ETF makes,more are the people investing in the ETF and joining the Jar ETF community more the token value will be. During Pre-ICO and ICO 500.000 coins will be available for purchase. The token estimated price will be 10$ per token during Pre-ICO and ICO where will be available bonuses for investors. Unsold tokens will be burned.

1_-JTF coin will represent the value of the cryptos composing the ETF. This coin will have a price reflecting the ETF trend and will be available for purchase once the definitive Jar ETF is available.
More informations regarding Jar ETF will be released during the next days along with the one pager and when the website and the Whitepaper will be published.
More info: What is Jar ETF.

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