Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat November 2017 With Stark Vpn

Just as everybody is welcoming the reborn of the glo 0.0 Unlimited free browsing cheat which is back some hours ago on anonytun vpn,I am here to give another way to enjoy the free browsing cheat using the Stark Vpn.

Also to give a solution as for those that are complaining that the H+/browsing signal is not bringing up when you don't have data on your glo simcard.

Although the glo free browsing cheat is working flawlessly using the normal anonytun settings posted here,but some might find it more convenient to use the free browsing cheat using the latest Stark Vpn app,nevertheless you choose which works better for you.

How To fix Glo Data Not Bringing Up On Your Phone

Use the settings below to force the glo data to bring on and be usable on your phone.
>>APN Name : Saaltechs
>>APN : 9mobile
>>Proxy and port: empty
>>Username and Password : blank
>>Authentication type : pap
Save the settings and your network data should bring up.

Once your network data is up,then you are ready to bang the glo network hard,continue with the settings below on your Stark Vpn.

StarkVpn Settings
>>Download/Update your starkvpn app Here
>>install and open your updated Stark Vpn,then in tweaks select Glo.
>>Finally hit the red button to connect.

Just wait for it for a few seconds to connect, and once it's connected you will see the key icon appear at the top of your screen which means you are connected and can now open any browsing/downloading app on your phone and start surfing the Internet free,enjoy while this glo 0.0 free browsing cheat last. 

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