Introducing Paydiamond : The Next Surest Online Platform That Gives You Money Yakata Yakata

Are you student,do you want to be financially free?Are you tired of asking money from your parents you being a graduate without job or a student from a poor home without constant cash flow,do you want to be a boss, do you want to rock life to its full potential,are you a housewife/mother/father/daughter that is always wishing to take care of her/his family  but unable to due to lack of funds....then this post is for you all and it's a one time opportunity that might change your life and others near you. 

Hello family,peace and love always...as you always know me,i dig up through the Internet to find the most profitable and reliable source of making incomes and surviving online,but today I did not just discovered a way to make money online but also a permanent platform that can sustain you and your family for your entire life if you make proper use of it...before I publish this post I made sure that everything on the post and everything related to it is true and real, so please try and read all because it might be your only and final chance to be financially free in life,although the post might be lengthy but it's worth reading,remember you either be a boss or definitely work for one,so you decide now.

Allow Me To Introduce You To Paydiamond: The Next Online Banga For Making Money While Relaxing Doing Nothing At Home.

What And Who Are PayDiamond?
        PayDiamond is one of the leading online home business everyone can do on your laptop/mobile phones stress free at home, workplace,public places and infact everywhere.

The company deals in mining, buying and selling of Diamonds and its International Headquarters is at Two Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central Honk Kong,you can check for yourself if you are within the vicinity or have anyone who can verify them for you because all what you are seeing here is 100% Real and true,you know Saalbaba na.

But if you can't do the above then here is another way to prove to yourself how real and trusted paydiamond is,just visit businessforhome.org
Click on menu/company/momentum rank
You will see lists of genuine online businesses with global recognition out of which paydiamond is among.

businessforhome.org is a global international website that monitors and rates of online networking platforms. Only genuine businesses are enlisted with certification and registration with governments are listed on this site,this is just a proof for you.

In every successful business around the world,there are 3Ps you look out for,and this three Ps are;
1st P  — The People.
2nd P— The Product.
3rd P — The Profit (Compensation and Marketing Plan)

And you know what,PayDiamond has got all this P's which makes it a standard, legit and promising platform made to help and assist the needie and poor citizens all over the country.

The business is led by Carlos Luiz who is an economist and systems engineer with over 26years of experience  in distribution.
He also acted as Commercial Director for a Japanese  Multinational,the Marketing Director for a chinese multinational as well as a consultant for a wide variety of companies,even with this you know that this business is definitely a hit which you can't afford to miss because you are following the steps of multinational Billionaires who are trying to pull you and drop you in the moving train of young millionaires.

Futhermore,PayDiamond is a unique system like no other,a never seen compensation plan that enables everyone who signs up to win.

The Pay diamond platform was design in a way that it is for everybody both the rich and poor, the weak and strong, Networkers and Non networkers, educated and non educated.

PayDiamond has two major categories of participants:

The Investor and the Promoter/Marketer.

This is for those who simply just want to buy packs of the diamond and get returns without the networking involved.

Your ROI is 5% weekly for 50weeks after an initial 30day waiting period.

This is the culmination of your earnings at the end of the 50week period.


1. Joy Pack is $200
You will be earning  $10 weekly for 50 weeks that is $500, wow $500 dollars coming your way while you sleep and go about your day to day activities.

2. Light Pack is $400
You will be earning  $20 weekly for 50 weeks that is $1,000,aint this cool...this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.

3.Plus Pack is $1200
You will be earning  $60 weekly for 50 weeks that is $3,000,with this am so speechless,can you see what we call cool money.

4. Master Pack is $3600
You will be earning  $180 weekly for 50 weeks that is $9,000,you definitely going to buy the best ride with this plan.

5. Safe Pack is $18,000
You will be earning  $900 weekly for 50 weeks that is $45,000,you know what even alico dangote will be your buddy with this pack :))

This Money is paid every Monday

After 25 weeks, your capital is back with some profits and you can order for your carat of DIAMOND or decide to continue receiving weekly payments for another 25 weeks and this is how this money will continue pumping in.

The pack contract expires at the 50th week and can be renewed if you want.
Packs can be purchased with Naira or with Bitcoin







Paydiamond is not like those shitty business online that you have to refer before you earn,no,save the stress although it's an added advantage which I trust my Nigerian guys won't mess with.

The other 4 ways of payments is additional only to those who decides to take it further and make more money where the money actually is.
This is where PayDiamond compensation plan is amazing.





All that matters at this point is your PV generated.

Take note that every diamond pack purchased has point value (PV) attached to it:

1. Joy Pack $200 =50pv

2. Light Pack $400 =100pv

3. Plus Pack $1200 =300pv

4. Master Pack  $3,600=1000pv

5. Safe Pack $18,000 =5000p

You need to memorize this PVs with respective packs
Because every bonus here is generated from PV value.

Ooh comon I know you have already ready your money by now,but let's dig a little bit further,Let us look at the 4 additional ways to earn with paydiamond

This is 10% of the PV attached to the pack the person you refer purchases
For example:
 If you refer somebody and he purchase a $18,000 pack then you receive 10% of 5000pv which is $500 instantly.
And if you refer somebody and he purchase a $3,600 pack you will receive 10% of 1000pv which is $100 instantly and so on depending on the pack bought.
Same goes for other packs of choice. You get 10% of the PV of the respective Packs as referral bonus, see how money will just be overflowing guys,you just don't wanna miss this opportunity.

The Binary bonus has to do with the corresponding PV to the Pack purchased.
There are different packages you can purchase upon registration into PayDiamond:

$18,000 pack gives 5000pv
$3600 gives 1000pv.
$1,200 pack gives 300pv
$400 pack gives 100pv
$200 pack gives 50pv

So, if you sign up anyone who purchases any package, you have the corresponding PV.

5000pv means you have $5000 potentially.
1000pv means you have $1000 potentially.
300pv means you have $300 potentially.
100pv means you have  $100 potentially.
50pv means you have $50 potentially

This is where residual income takes place.

These PV's are added up as people join your network directly or indirectly irrespective of the level they are and it is added to you immediately the person's pack is activated.
 In binary, you earn instantly whenever there is a matching on the left and on the right

This is what it means:
Don't forget you have a PV of 4500 left on your right leg,therefore, you are to concentrate on your left leg.

If someone signs up on your left leg with $18,000 pack that gives 5000pv, what will happen?

Your guess is as good as mine.

PayDiamond will merge both legs again. Take the lesser leg which now is the right leg with 4500pv and pay you 50% of it. That is $2250.

That is how the binary bonus works.

Here you get paid $0.50 every month on number of persons you have in your structure. It doesn't matter if you only brought in just 2 persons.
 Remember it's not all your effort,It is a team work.

We have 9 ranks in PayDiamond

Rank advancement bonus is for every leadership rank.

Below are the ranks and cumulative PV required to hit the ranks and the rank advancement bonuses respectively.

1. Silver---- 3000pv
2. Gold-----8000pv
3. Pearl---15,000pv---$1000
4. Ruby---65,000pv--$3000
5. Emerald--250,000pv-- $16,000

6. Diamond--750,000pv --$30,000

7. White diamond---2,000,000pv---$80,000

8. Black diamond--5,000,000pv---$500,000

9.Double Black Diamond- 100,000,000pv--$500,000.


It's simple, straight forward like ABC, There are 7 Ways to withdraw or get your cash with Paydiamond :

1. Use of our Euro exchange master card to take cash on ATM Machines

2. Using your dollar earnings to purchase packs for new people and collect cash

3. Selling of your earnings to other members who need dollars to purchase people's packs

4. Withdrawing in bitcoins

5. Direct bank transfer to your local bank account
6. Dollar account
7. Euro account.

 Paydiamond processes your MasterCard with euro exchange.
 The cash is in your  e-wallet. You can
Use the mastercard anywhere in the world to withdraw your earnings in any currency just as you do with your local banks Atm card.

Also You can also transfer your earnings anytime to your own block chain bitcoin wallet within seconds and sell them.

The most sweetest thing about the payment method is that You can channel your earnings to your local bank directly from your euro exchange account and be receiving it directly to your local bank accounts eg Gtbank, Diamond bank, Uba and the rest

Lastly, you can use your earnings in your wallet to sign up new registrations/members while you take the physical cash from the new subscribers you just signed, so this means whenever someone you know wants to register, you can use your money in your paydiamond and register him then you collect physical money from them.

PAYDIAMOND is the first company that I know to have such high authority governmental sites trust and certificates, meaning that paydiamond is 100% Real, you can verify it below.

Below are all the links to GOVERNMENTAL websites and online platforms where it demonstrates the legality of the Paydiamond company.

Every address here is Checkable:
National Business Register page of China, Hong Kong (Government Pages):




Pages that verify the security of Pay Diamond:
Page dedicated to demonstrate the reliability and security of pages (URLs)

Executive center of the building where Pay Diamond settled in Hong Kong:

Infoplex page of Brazil where you can search any legally registered and registered.

Google Earth: Address that appears in the Pay Diamond Contract where it says that it is settled in Hong Kong and from where it issues the Invoices of the purchases of the Product (to look at the Exchange Square building)


Check the concession of the Diamond Mine in Mozambique
Login License Code: 8231

Website showing the legally established multilevel companies in the world !! Where we find that Pay Diamond is currently ranked 30th among the best multilevel marketing companies in the world

With all these proofs what are you still waiting for,hurry up and join the moving train before it's too late, remember successful people are those who take risk and if you don't,then you are bounded to work for those who do, so plan your life before it's late,be a boss and be financially free.

Wow!! Where/How Can I Join This Wonderful Paydiamond Platform. 

>>You can register through this link ,so that you can be among the people i guide.

Or if you still have doubts regarding Paydiamond you can contact us through the following numbers and we will attend to you, Guide you and show you the way;
Call Or Whatsapp 

Also you can join our whatsapp group where potential members like you chat and share their success stories regarding this platform with each other,ask questions and make enquiries through this whatsapp group.

Be wise,act fast...Thanks for you time.

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