Hello everyone,not long ago I recently made a post about Recad Media in which many people joined and are still smiling and thanking me for presenting the opportunity to them while some are still afraid to join the platform because they think that the platform is a Scam or something like that,not knowing that they are just deceiving themselves.

Many Nigerian like you are there packaging and making cool money directly to their bank accounts while some are here still doubting

The truth is that Recad Media is 100% Real and paying #confirmed by me, this company is a publisher/advertising company,they stand as intermediaries between Advertisers that want to advertise their goods and services and we publishers that are doing the advertisements for them,so you register as a publisher and get paid N400 whenever your share the advertisers ads to your Facebook.

I joined recad media not long ago but I have been able to do my first withdrawal of N8, 200 naira without any problem,so I decided to show some people who are still doubting this platform my payment proofs so as to clear their minds and make them join the moving train.
Recad media payment proof

Recad media payment proof

Recad media payment proof

So above are my payment proofs from Recad Media,it's better to join now before it's too late...Remember opportunity knocks once at a time and if you don't grab you might end up regretting.

Still have doubts,you can chat me up on 07067836964. 

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