Mtn Introduced New YouTube Hourly Streaming  Data Plans 2017

Just yesterday I was about to purchase the normal monthly data bundle plan from Mtn,when i came across a new YouTube packs on the menu which was not there before, so I quickly checked it out and later understood that it is a new YouTube streaming hourly data bundle plans from the mtn network.

Although Mtn didn't publicize this as they use to do,no banners or anything related to it, even some Mtn agents from twitter told me that they don't know about this youtube plans, so I sent a screenshot to them and they said they will make an enquiry and get back to me,but nevertheless I won't await their response and decided  to share it with you.

How To Subscribe To The Mtn YouTube Data Plan 2017
>>Dial *131*8# to access the menu.
>>For one hour plan which cost 150<dial *131*8*1#>
>>For three hours which cost #400 <Dial *131*8*2#>
>>Check your data balance with *559*18#. 

That is it guys, hope you will all enjoy this new youtube data bundle plans,if you have tried this plan  you can  as well tell us about the speed and your experience with it in your locality using the comment box below. 

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