Join Wintrills Crowdfunding Investment : Easiest Way To Make Money online 2017

I like the idea of making Money online while am still at home doing nothing,receiving daily weekly and monthly incomes into my account,that is why i keep on hunting for several legitimate ways to make make money online with ease and less risk involved while relaxing and hanging around with friends.

Today i am here to introduce you to a legit, cool and best way to earn money online 2017 for serious minded only, while you are assured of daily incomes coming into your account, this business/investment opportunity I am about to show you is a trusted and tested platform by me and my colleagues for over 2 years now which we found working for us and keeping us happy with daily incomes coming our way.

Allow me to introduce you to Wintrills network,a legit company which has been around for more than 7years now which bring investors together to invest in development projects like hotels,students hostels, motor packs etc or buy properties for the buy to let market around the United Kingdom,they also have their company located in the UK and some branches all over the country just for you to know that it's a 100% legit business you won't afford to loose,this is what is termed Crowdfundig investment which is the surest, safest and easiest way to make money online while you are at home, office, workplace doing some other activities.
Wintrills network review 2017

How It Works / Wintrills network review 2017
1— Register : if you are not already a member or hearing Wintrills network for the first time then register here before moving to the next step.
2—Browse Current Working Projects  : Now here is the place to pick the investment property you will like to venture in among many current ongoing investments in the Wintrills platform around the UK.
3—Crowdfund:now crowdfund in the property selected above and joined the people investing in the projects I know some people who are investing upto 7 million in this platform,some projects you join are worth billions of Naira alltogether been invested by people in the investment, so you too can deposit the amount you have  through credit card or online bank transfer and join the crowdfund,you can manage and check your portfolio online on their website easily.
4—Recive Income: make your money work for you, receive your daily income every day which can later be withdrawn to your bank account on a monthly basis,on request,the income is paid within the 25th-30th of every month and they charge a little token for that.
5—Exit your Investment :every Crowdfundig investment you join is been sold after successfully completion of the project which is stated clearly on the investment log,so after your investment have expired which is normally 120 days, aside the huge income you have already made and withdrawn,you will receive the capital you invested with completely of which you can withdraw or join another Crowdfundig with it.

Below is a project that I invested in for a duration of 120 days of which I will be paid 0.49 percent of my investment daily it all depends on the project joined , Note Crowdfundig investment is not like any other investment that you put small money and expect high income, so I will advice you to join with huge amount, my plan now is to invest with 200k so that I will be earning above 1k as my daily profit.
Wintrills Crowdfunding Investment log
My investment/project  I Crowdfunded in

Wintrills Crowdfunding Investment log
Daily income of 42k investment 

Wintrills Crowdfunding Investment log
Investment log

Wintrills Crowdfunding Investment log

Sign up through this link and also you can chat me up on 07067836964 to know more about Wintrills network.

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