Latest Glo 0.0 Free Browsing Cheat Settings Via Ucmini Handler  August/September 2017

Glo unlimited free browsing cheat settings 2017

Hello family, peace and love,for a long time now we have been enjoying the glo 0.0 free browsing cheat on different vpn apps,also people have been using this cheat on Ucmini handler which makes it more interesting because you can download whatever you like using the glo free browsing cheat on Ucmini handler easily.

But unfortunately since some days ago many people have been complaining that the cheat is no more downloading for them which makes us into a hunting game so as to find a way to fix this problem,And here we are with a better glo 0.0 free browsing cheat settings which allows download unlimitedly just like before.

So all you have to do is take the settings am dropping below and use it on your Ucmini handler and you will be back on track if yours stopped downloading recently.

Latest August/September Glo Free Browsing Cheat Settings On Ucmini Handler. 
   APN Settings 
==>APN : gloflat
==>APN type : tick default and supl
==>Proxy : empty
==>Port : empty
==>Username and password : flat
==>Incase you don't have the Ucmini handler installed on your device you can simply download it via this Link
  Ucmini Handler Settings 
==>Device User Agent : Andriod
==>Web Agent : Safari
==>Handler Download Limit: 9999999991
==>Tick remove port
==>Proxy type : choose real host.
==>Proxy address: fffff.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.tttt
==>Real proxy type : http
==>Real Proxy Port: 80

Save the settings and you can start surfing the way you like.

How To Download Files On Glo Ucmini Handler Cheat. 
==>Go to the file link you want to download and highlight the file link by selecting it in the download section
==>Click on options/three dots and locate download path(here is the download link of the file you want to download)and copy the link/path.
==>After that open a new tab and visit german-proxy.de or buka.link or any of such proxy sites you know,clear the text box in the site and paste your copied link inside, now click on download and your download with start sharply.

This is all about the latest glo free browsing cheat settings August/September 2017,do comment below and don't forget to hit the share buttons below.

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