Hello everyone, yesterday I posted how to get unlimited gigs from Airtel  and many people here were able to accumulate and  get hundreds and thousands of those free gigabytes.
How To Use Airtel Social Data To Power All Apps On Android

But what I found out was that this gigabyte was meant for social networking, and thus people are finding it difficult to download huge files with it,most people will like to download their favorite season films with this gigabytes and some other things they like online which might be heavy,but might find it very difficult, that is why i decided to drop this post.
How To Use Airtel Social Data To Power All Apps On Android

How To Use Airtel Social Data To Power All Apps On Android

In this trick we will be using an opera mini apk app, since the gigabyte was meant for the likes of it and not to power all apps,but still it's a good thing as I saw someone that was able to gather upto 300 terabyte with this  trick, so why not download high definition films with it.

So here is the trick 
Download opera mini apk here
1. Visit the website where you want to download any file which is more than 15mb.
2. Tap and hold the download button of that file.
3. Tap Open in new tab and tap the Reload button located downwards {Be fast}.
4. The download page will start reloading. Opera mini will prompt you to save the file. But don't tap anything and wait till the reload gets completed {Tapping anything will ruin this trick}.

And with this trick you can download and exhaust your accumulated gigabytes the way you like.

Please don't be stingy, hit the share buttons and let others enjoy too,no need of keeping it to yourself,have a wonderful day ahead.

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  2. it nt downloading ..
    still d same downloading failed


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