How To Stop Mtn From Deducting Your Money When You Exhaust Your Data 
How To Stop Browsing With Credit On Mtn

By now I believe you all know that Mtn came up with a policy not to touch your credit when you exhaust your data whatsoever Mayb the case, later they now came up with a code for you to dail inorder to  browse and use your money after your data is exhausted.

But the funny thing is that most people are not aware of the code to suspend it and make them not to touch your credit anymore again, if maybe you later bought data and you don't want your money to be used anymore,they will keep on zapping your money and data without you dialing suspend  code below

Below is how to reset and also suspend your account from browsing with money, Mtn will never touch your money regarding data with the suspend code below

How To Reset And Browse With Your Money
We all know how to Reset it to browse with money which is by simply dialing *131*200#.

How To Suspend And Make Mtn Not To Touch Your Money When Browsing
Now for you to suspend it not to browse with your money anymore just dial *131*201# and you are done.

After Suspending, MTN will never use your money  for browsing  when you exhaust your data bundle, unless you are the one that  reset it with the reset code above.

Hope it was helpful, feel free to ask any question you are not clear with. 

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  1. thanks alot

  2. but why is it that after browsing with my data the will still show me message that I have make use of so so amount in my airtime


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