Newest Glo Data Plan 2017 Updates : Glo Slash Their Data Plans
Newest Glo Data Bundle Plans 2017

This is the latest information regarding glo data bundle plans 2017,as you already know we tagged glo the king of data plan because of their cheap data bundle plans,but it seems glo are no more interested in the name as they massively reduce all their data bundles volume.

The new data plan update is reversed back to its initial bundle where 1.6gb cost N1000 for a reason known to them,now with N1000 you no longer get 3.2gb as you only get half of that which is 1.6gb for same price,whoever brought this idea did not try for we Nigerians,with the slow  glo browsing network in nigeria they are giving us 1.6gb at N1000,this is bad actually.

Here Is The New Updated Data List And Price For Glo 2017.

50MB Cost #100|Validity 1Day
100MB cost #200|Validity 2Days
500MB cost #800|Validity 10days
1.6GB cost #1000|Validity 30days
3.7GB cost #2000| Validity 30days
5GB cost #2,500|Validity 30Days
6GB cost #3,000|Validity 30Days
4GB cost #8000|validity 30Days
12GB cost #5000|Validity 30Days
16GB cost #8,000| Validity 30Days
30GB cost #15,000| Validity 30Days
45GB cost #18,000| Validity 30Days

This doesn't affect glo subscribers who have already purchased the data plan before this change,as you will get your former data allocation which is 3.2gb for N1000 and so on,this will apply to you on your next data purchase.

You can also share the glo data with friends and families just as before, the only change is the data balance allocation which is reduced to half of the initial data balance.

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