How To Browse With Whatsapp Mb Subscription And Power All Apps On Your Android Phone 2017
How To Browse With Whatsapp Mb And Power All Apps 2017

Hello everyone,if you can remember sometime ago we do browse with our Whatsapp WAMS subscription mega byte with the help pf psiphon vpn,but it later stopped when the network providers decided to put a blockage on it, since then we only use the whatsapp Mb to chat and only chat.

I have a good news for those who will like to continue browsing with their whatsapp Mb,although normally whatsapp Mb is not much but you might enter an emergency that you just need to browse and you only have whatsapp Mb with no additional subscription on your sim.

Some of our old proxy servers we use to browse with whatsapp Mb which are no more working include, cdn.whatsapp.com
  All of which are no longer working anymore, but today we have a new proxy server that works just normal and browse super cool with whatsapp Mb through psiphon vpn app,juzt follow the settings below and browse with your whatsapp Mb whenever needed.

How To Browse With Whatsapp Mb Through Psiphon Vpn 2017

==>Apn : web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
==>Proxy :
==>Port : 8080
==>Authentication type : PAP
==>Launch your psiphon vpn and edit the settings below
==>Proxy type : real host
==>Proxy Server : http://mtnwhatsapp.net
==>Real proxy type : Default
==>Real proxy server : empty
==>Real proxy port : 80
==>Tick proxy authentication and input web for both username and password field below it
==>Proxy domain : web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
==>Select connect through an http connection inside the psiphon settings and put proxy as,port 8080
==>Select your country as USA and save your settings
How To Browse With Whatsapp Mb Through Psiphon Vpn 2017

Note : if after you put the username and password and it didn't connect still,come back and untick proxy authentication,then connect again.

This is all about how to bypass whatsapp Mb and use it on every app on your phone with the help of psiphon vpn 2017.

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