If you are my regular blog visitor then you will surely remember when I made a post last year October regarding Facebook messenger lite,at that time we all wanted it but it was only available in some few selected countries.

Facebook messenger lite

Well now is our turn as the messenger lite is now available in another 150 countries which include Nigeria,Columbia, italie, Vietnam and so many others.

The messenger lite is just like the Facebook lite app,it requires lesser memory,lesser memory space and lesser data for connection,below are some key functions of the messenger lite.

Faster And Low Memory Usage 
>>This app is smaller, so it requires a little amount of memory to operate and it installs faster.
Wider Coverage 
>>with messenger lite you can send text messages, links and photos to anyone who uses messenger, Facebook and messenger lite
Less Data Usage
>>This app uses little data to operate and also it uses low memory on your phone,thereby saving you alot of data money
Works On Poor Network Coverage Areas
>>Well this messenger lite was specifically designed for 2g network,mainly for areas with poor network coverage that find it hard to connect and send messages,the messenger lite app makes it easier for them.
Works On All Android Devices 
>>It works on almost every android device, newer version or older,including the Android gingerbread OS.
Facebook messenger lite

How To Download Facebook Messenger Lite
==>Download the app here 

There are more than a million downloads already from Playstore,so just visit the above link and download your own copy.

This is all about the Facebook messenger lite, I have done my part by letting you know and thereby saving alot of people from high data consumption by using the other Facebook apps,its your turn to let others know by hitting the share buttons by the side.

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