How To Use Airtel Night  Plan During The Day Time

how to use airtel night  plan during the day time

This is how to use airtel night  plan during the day time,for those of you who want to continue their downloads when stopped due to some reasons when using airtel night plans in the night,you can use the below trick in other to get your pending downloads done in the day time
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Get Airtel night data of 1.5gb for 50naira here

This can only be use to resume downloads and can't be use to browse and it was tested on ucbrowser.

==>First you have to subscribe to airtel night plan from 12am - 5am an you will be given a 1.5gb worth of data for just #50.check all about it here

so after using this plan in the night and you still have some excess data left out of it or you have a pending download that stuck on the way,just know that you can continue your download  during the day time.

==>just change your time to like 12:30am making it look like its a night time.

==>Now go back to what you are downloading and resume the download and your download will be resumed.this looks simple right?but it has some advantages of not being able to browse with the data in the day time but rather it will only continue your stopped/paused download after you have pass the 5am night allocation time.

And don't forget that once you exhaust your 1.5gb then this trick will stop because your data cap is 1.5gb.this trick was tested okey on ucbrowser

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